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Plant All Season is a Northern Irish owned and managed company. Established in the late 90’s. Since then all of our business operations have been based on a simple philosophy – to provide our customers with the highest standard of product and service. All our plants are used in an ever-increasing number of exterior situations, to create an impressive image, to improve work areas and even to boost morale. Our flexible range of services is based on a firm understanding of plants and horticulture and the particular demands and limitations of each and every location.

By concentrating on high standards and clear communications between ourselves and all our customers, we have a fantastic reputation as a responsible and professional team,  you can depend on us to fulfil your exact needs at all times. Plant All Season rent, sell and maintain plants in dozens of premises. Installation and maintenance work is carried out quickly and efficiently to individual customer requirements and we ensure minimum distraction to your day to day business.


Sharing a little piece of mother nature

Within our careers as horticulturists, we’ve had a wealth of opportunities available to us, the question had always been, where do we start?
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Years of experience

Has allowed us to see clearly any difficulty, no matter what season we’re in, we always have a plan.

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With over 100+ projects under our belt and we love what we do. Let us help guide and inspire you to join us today!

Plant Care

We are supporting plants as well as soil recovery with organic nutritional solutions. We are providing solutions and supporting the development of new innovation. With the formulation of biofertilizers and biostimulants, we are encrusting the granulation of active ingredients and microorganisms. Discover below a wide range of products and solutions that we offer to meet the needs of our customers.

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We’re specialists in horticultural maintenance. We can service anything from a manicured hedge to a complex planting scheme. No matter the size, we can look after your grounds!

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7am – 6pm
7am – 6pm
7am – 6pm
7am – 6pm

“Gardens are not made by sitting in the shade”
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