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Window box planters are great for gardening in small spaces! It’s easy to find hundreds of ideas for using pots and planters around your home to improve indoor and outdoor spaces. Mount window planters or hang them from your deck rails to beautify your home. Hanging planter boxes under windows, on walls, balcony railings and fences gives you the versatility to add beauty to any space. You can create a container garden anywhere!

At Plant All Season, we offer an extensive selection of window boxes in many styles and materials. Enjoy the rot-proof elegance of composite, the old-world grace of wrought iron, the dramatic patina of real copper, the lightweight durability of vinyl and fibreglass, and the earthy beauty of cedar and redwood planter boxes. Traditional or contemporary, there are options for everyone. Shop by style, material type, or by size.

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Choosing the Right Size Planter Boxes for Your Windows

When choosing sizes, be sure to measure your designated space. Measured by noting any space constraints, you will want to choose a planter size that is at least as wide as your window sill, with no more than 4″ of overhang on either side. This will create a display that is appealing to the eye, adding the desired beauty.

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From simple to ornate, traditional to contemporary, rustic to elegant, our products really run the full spectrum. From the clean, crisp lines to the detailed swirls and blossoms styles, we offer a vast selection of containers suited to any taste.


The best design targets are specific, so we can help you solve any requirement and will truly do our best to meet your specific needs.

Timely, attentive, upbeat and beautiful arrangements for all our customers, making sure your needs are met in a manner that reflects a positive experience.


All our planters can be either grown from seed, rearranged or even changed to suit your needs? Send us a message to connect or you can click more options below.


Speed is often touted as the most important factor in online delivery, but reliability, convenience, and cost are more valuable to today’s consumers.






£ 47 /Month
  • Features 1 arrangement no subscription
  • You choose the flower
  • Choose the Time and Occasion


£ 27 /Month
  • Features 4 seasonal arrangements
  • Our experts choose for you
  • 3 month rotation
  • 6/12 month subscriptions


£ 37 /Month
  • Features 4 seasonal arrangements
  • You choose the Flower
  • Choose Time and Occasion
  • 3 month rotation
  • 6/12 month subscriptions
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